Five Little Pumpkins

Something strange is going on in Ravenshadow, the exclusive neighborhood where Monica's friend Rusty wants to go on Halloween night. The candy is amazing, but does it come at a price? One thing is for sure in Ravenshadow: the residents are anything but normal. Five Little Pumpkins is a thrilling short story for middle-grade readers.

Five Little Pumpkins

Tightly clutching a sack to her chest, Monica scuttled along the narrow path beneath the light of a full moon. The wind kicked up, whipping her long, dark locks about her face and mingling the fragrance of her shampoo with the scents of autumn, a smell that conjured to mind things both bright and dark. The sound of a mischievous child’s laughter emanated from the woods that huddled around the house, and Monica scurried faster. The naked branch of a tree tapped and scraped against a window pane. Cobwebs framed the door, and she reached for the door knocker and rapped twice. Monica wrapped her arms around herself as she waited.
The door creaked as it opened slowly. The inside of the house was dark. Monica’s breath shook as she took a tentative step forward. She inched forward and placed her sneakered foot on the threshold. She thought she heard a soft rustle of movement and was taking another step forward when a ghostly white face appeared before her....

Five Little Pumpkins is a short story e-book for middle grade. It is 20 pages and just over 4K words long.

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